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    Citizens band radio or more commonly called "cb radio" offers many type’s of radio experiences for such as small number of legal to use channelized radio frequencies. As an example you man want a c.b. In your car or in your home. Perhaps you might have a business reason, you may be interested in starting a new hobby, whatever it may be.

    Almost all CB radios have a channel selector on its face and some kind of lighted indicator showing a number, generally 1-40 or 1 -23. The radios with 23 channels are older and unless you get one for really cheap or free, I would not purchase one of these units. There are alot of fine older units out there but for reasons Ill explain later, you should get a newer setup. If it doesn’t make sense just read on it will all become very clear to you.

    C.B. Radios as a Road Trip Companion

    A cb radio in your car can be a very valuable tool. You can get tons of real time road information from truckers, you don’t really even have to talk. Just listening will yield a lot of stuff about road conditions ahead, you will hear about accidents or traffic jams way before any broadcast band gets the info. The best part is almost all the time you can hear where any speed traps may be. The draw back to all this wonderful information is what you have to hear in between the reports. It’s not something you want to you kids to hear generally. If you don’t care and its just you and you wife or girlfriend then turn it up and join in. It can make a long drive seem short when your yacking the whole time. You may even be able to make a report if you see something first. The one question I hear the most from truckers is about the status of the roadside scales. You can talk all the mess you want on the radio but do take notice as you pass scales on the other side of the road you are driving on. For example, if you are traveling north on a freeway, look for scales on the southbound side. Check to see if
    Internet Page are open or closed and pass that information on as you drive up the road to the truckers and continue your rhetoric.

    C.B. Radios as a Base Station

    And still another side to CB radio is the base station. You will find that there is generally a "local channel" in almost any city. There you will find normal people to tweakers and anything in between and like the truckers you most likely don’t want you kids to hear what comes peoples mouths.

    Having a base station usually means a larger antenna, which equates to considerably longer communications in terms of distance. Even with a 4 watt radio (the F.C.C. Legal limit) it’s not uncommon to 10 or 20 miles. If you live in or close to a larger city, there will be lots of people at what would seem to be all hours. The CB never closes.

    CB Begins to Overtake your Life

    So you get your base running and get out there. It becomes instantly addicting. Friday nights will be spend more in the garage drinking beer and talking on the radio. You will hear lots of things about radio and receive advice from many people. One of the first things almost every CB’er wants are modifications to the radio. Generally to be louder and have big signals at the receiving stations are the 2 most common modifications with being louder quite possibly being number one.