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    There are several varieties of flight time trackers for example:

    1. Radar based flight tracking the conventional type and technique used to track aircraft. This tracker is utilized worldwide. It is also known as ground based tracking and in addition radio frequency tracking. This system basically uses the main of radar which uses the characteristics of radio waves for tracking and communication purposes. Air Traffic Control towers that happen to be designed to emit radio waves at the specific radio frequency can be generally known as ground based stations. The emitted radio waves will travel and bounce off the aircraft which in turn travels returning to the base. The time between the transmitted and received waves is utilized to discover the distance involving the plane and ATC tower.

    2. Flight tracking by utilizing Google Earth is among the many software applications that can function as realtime flight tracker. This application utilizes 3D visuals that are generated no other than Google Earth itself, together with algorithms in order to present that you simply visual of the present flight location, its path and also flight data like destination, estimated use of arrival and departure time, speed and etc.

    3. Satellite based flight tracking too demands the measuring of internet data (time and position). The thing that makes this tracker unique is every activity performed to trace the aircraft is finished by satellites. Satellite tracking has the capacity to eliminate several disadvantages faced by ground based trackers.

    4. Web based flight tracking is offered by websites on the internet. What you need to do is usually to input your flight information on the actual interface in that particular website. The web site might display a virtual path together with relevant or information that one usually wants to observe.

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