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    If you’ve got watched episodes of the famous TV reality show "Flip This House", you might be familiar with its maverick host Armando Montelongo. Dubbed the "flipping machine", he can your classic example for the self-made man who has gone from rags to riches and inspired many. Through hard work, shrewd business acumen and a positive approach to life, Armando Montelongo has hit the big time in the real estate arena. In just over five years, he has turned his small family business into a major real estate firm, Montelongo House Buyers, which around flips 25 houses month to month.

    Armando Montelongo’s story surely one for the video. In 2001, unemployed and heavy with debt nevertheless discouraged, he decided to revisit his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Back then, he and his wife Veronica and their selecting were staying in his in-law’s garage in Southern california. They had no choice because their house was foreclosed. He didn’t work to take care of his wife and their baby who were then suffering from major medical issues. Savings were completely depleted to pay off huge medical bills. Together with such a dilemma, Armando Montelongo did not lose faith. Instead, he decided to start life anew with his small family in his native San antonio.

    With just $1000 in their pocket courtesy of his in-laws, Armando and his family set out to San Antonio. Lucky enough, he was able to negotiate for two months free rent.
    Background and criminal history check for physical therapy struggled to make both payments even to the reason for selling their furniture to have food. During Aromatherapy And Herpes – One Person’s Success Story , he observed that there is money in the real estate business. He discovered that purchasing a rundown house, renovating it a little next selling it at a more expensive price makes savvy business sense. This has become known as flipping house. And the rest is history.

    With Barcelona Stag Weekends – Tips and Ideas for Organising a Fun Filled Barcelona Stag Night of his flipping business comes the offer to host his own TV show about flipping – Flip This House. Along with his wife, his brother David and sister-in-law Melina, they feature various projects that are flipped, their transformations, the many challenges that are involved and other crucial sides of flipping housing.

    The show has changed into a very good proving ground for those interested in flipping. It has attracted millions of televiewers making easy show a top-rater. In the process, flipping has catapulted San Antonio, Texas as one of your fastest growing markets in the The united states and Armando Montelongo a famous pornstar. He has been featured in radio talk shows and in national publications.

    To reach online viewers, Armando Montelongo created and hosts a website where he teaches and shares the many strategies and techniques of house flipping. He has even developed educational CDs as part of his desire to share his vast knowledge to those drawn to flipping. His book "Flip and Grow Rich" further proves there is benefit flipping.

    As he always tells people, good he had no mentor to guide him through the ins and outs of the marketplace business. But the beauty of it is he discovered flipping and learn to develop a fortune out from it.

    Today, Armando Montelongo’s real estate firm flips about 200 houses a year – a far cry from when he moved back to San Antonio in August of 2001 with $50,000 indebted.