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The Bruce Arnold Foundation System of Education
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The Bruce Arnold System of music education aligns the way music is taught with the way the brain functions, and the way music is played with the way the body works. The method combines the techniques and ideas developed by master teachers with innovations from Arnold’s observations of musical ergonomics, and his own experiences teaching and playing. The system has been refined over thirty years of development and has proven results. It is now poised to help change the music education landscape. The Mission of the Bruce Arnold Foundation is to share the System with students and teachers across the country through workshops, camps and publications. In addition, it is our mission to collect and curate successful music teaching methods from all sources and integrate them into the System. Founded by guitarist, author, and educator Bruce Arnold, is a free resource that educates students using the Bruce Arnold System of learning. The System unites the brain and body to create an intellectual and physical understanding of music, which helps students learn more quickly and accurately. Although the educational materials on this site are available at no cost, donations are welcome. Arnold still believes in the power of face to face instruction, so these donations will benefit traveling workshops, where students can access these teachings in a classroom situation.


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