Note Recognition Apprentice

We recommend you take the Music Theory Level I course before taking Note Recognition Apprentice.


Welcome to the Note Recognition Course! In order to start this course you will first need to complete the Music Theory Level I prerequisite. Music Theory Level I teaches you the following:


1. Names of notes on the staff
2. Introduces ledger lines
3. Explains the need for different clefs
4. Shows the relationship of notes to a chromatic scale.


If you already know this information this prerequisite course should take you less than ten minutes to complete; but if you don’t know this information, this course will be crucial to giving you the musical context of what you’re trying to learn in this Note Recognition Course.


The Note Recognition course is designed to teach a student the notes as they are found on various music clefs and to improve the speed at which you can identify these notes.


The Apprentice Level Note Recognition Course works with the treble clef and covers the notes found in common key signatures with a concentration on the notes found between a middle C and an A one ledger line above the treble clef. Each lesson covers a different key center and concentrates only on those notes found within that given key. This will not only help you to memorize the notes on the staff but will also help you memorize the notes found within each key center.

With that in mind, let’s get started!


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