Interval Recognition Beginner

Learn to identify crucial musical interval relationships with the multilevel Interval Recognition courses.

Interval Recognition, Beginning Level:

Recognizing intervals is essential to understanding and performing music. But there is a vast difference between knowing something to pass a written exam, and being able to access this information instantly during a playing situation. Learning music is, in many ways, the same as learning a language. When you speak you do not think about how what you are saying is put together because you have had the words, sounds and constructions ingrained and processed; it is reflexive.  This is the same with interval recognition in music. You need to develop not only the ability to see the relationships between notes on the staff but also be able to recognize interval relationships from any note to another instantaneously, in order to function properly in all musical situations. This beginner Interval course will set you on that path by giving you:

  • The ability to quickly identify or calculate any interval in 12 keys within one octave.
  • The confidence that you know your interval relationships and are improving in your ability to quickly and accurately produce the correct answer.
  • The needed skills to process both simple and complex relationships in music as they are related to music theory, ear training, composition and improvisation.
Quizzes are given at the end of each lesson to help you assess what you know. The quizzes for each lesson are timed and the amount of time available decreases as you progress through each chapter. This helps you develop the speed needed in processing interval relationships in music, until it is a reflex.


The three Interval Recognition courses increase in difficulty and it is recommended to complete all three levels to reach a professional musician’s ability.


In addition, please check out our mobile version of the music interval recognition series, now available on Android devices through the Play Store.


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