Interval Recognition Intermediate

We recommend you finish Interval Recognition Beginner before taking this course.


Learn to identify crucial musical interval relationships with the multilevel Interval Recognition courses.

Interval Recognition, Intermediate:


Congratulations on completing the Interval Recognition Beginner level course. The knowledge you have gained so far by working with the beginning level course will greatly help you in processing simple relationships in music as they are related to music theory, ear training, composition and improvisation.  In order to process music efficiently you need to learn ALL intervals, not just the intervals contained within the note relationships of a major scale. The Interval Recognition Intermediate level course will teach and test you on all interval relationships within an octave in 12 keys. While some of these relationships are rather esoteric such as an augmented third, most of these relationships are key to processing music on a professional level. By learning all chromatic intervals within an octave you will be able to react reflexively in most situations where this ability is required.


You need a working knowledge of intervals and to be able to recognize them instantly, whether they are written on a page or when you’re trying to calculate what a specific interval would be above a given note. This Intermediate level of recognition course will quiz you on 22 chromatic intervals in all keys concentrating on one key at a time. Quizzes will then be given to test you on your knowledge. The quiz’s duration will get shorter and shorter as you go through each lesson. Overall, you want intervals to become second nature, to be able to recognize them in an instant. This course is constructed to get you there. As with all aspects of music theory, you want to develop to a point where it’s a reflex, just like speaking your native language. Once you reach that level you will find that you can work with music theory without interfering with your musicality.


As with the beginning interval recognition course the intermediate level will also give quizzes at the end of each lesson to help you confirm that you have absorbed the required information. The quizzes for each lessons are timed, and the amount of time available decreases as you progress through each chapter. This will help you develop the speed needed in processing interval relationships in music, until it is a reflex.

The three Interval Recognition courses increase in difficulty and it is recommended to complete all three levels to reach a professional musician’s ability.

In addition, please check out our mobile version of the music interval recognition series, now available on Android devices through the Play Store.

Before taking this course, please take a look at the Interval Recognition Beginner to refresh your mind.

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