Interval Recognition Advanced

We recommend you take Interval Recognition Beginner and Intermediate before taking this course.


Learn to identify crucial musical interval relationships with the multilevel Interval Recognition courses.

Interval Recognition, Advanced level course:


Congratulations on completing the Interval Recognition Intermediate level course. What you have learned so far, working with both the beginning and intermediate level course has given you a way to process simple and many complex relationships in music.  In order to fully understand and quickly identify all interval relationships as they are related to music, the study of larger intervals is required.  “Larger” is commonly thought of as intervals that are larger than an octave.   Although there is no limit to the size  of larger intervals, this course will limit the size of larger intervals to those between one octave and two octaves. These larger interval relationships will be  given in 12 keys.  Knowing these larger relationships is the final step in functioning as a professional musician.


As with the Beginning and Intermediate Interval Recognition course, the Advanced level will also give quizzes at the end of each lesson to help you assess how well you have absorbed the information. The quizzes for each lessons are timed, and the amount of time available decreases as you progress through each chapter. This will help you develop the speed needed in processing interval relationships in music, until it is a reflex.